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Registered Breeders

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This directory has been introduced for members to advertise their kennels. The breeders on this list are current Dogs Victoria registered breeders who must comply with the minimum standards for the quality of life, health and well-being of dogs as set out in the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 and Dogs Victoria's Code of Ethics. Not all current LRCV registered breeders have applied to be listed on this page.

NOTE: Breeders must comply with Dogs Victoria requirements when listing litters or adult dogs. Microchip numbers must be supplied as well as their Pet Exchange Register (PER) source number. From 01 July 2019, all breeders must  display this information when advertising dogs/puppies for sale.
Please contact Dogs Victoria on 03 9788 2500 or email: to verify the breeder's membership status.


If you are thinking of purchasing a puppy, here are some information that may assist you in your search for a responsible breeder.

Remember, you can't ask too many questions wink


LRCV Directory

K_Ennis 8The breeders listed in this section are current Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria members, have been members of the Club for at least two years and have attended the breeder forum.

The corresponding paw prints on their profiles indicate the type of activities that the breeder engages their dogs in as well as engagement in various club events.


C Breeder has dogs actively engaged in community service

E Breeder is actively involved in Club events for at least 2 consecutive years

R Breeder competes or has bred dogs that participates in retrieving trials

P Breeder competes or has bred dogs that participates in performance sports

F Breeder breeds dogs as pets or companions

A Breeder is a current member of the Club committee or sub-committee

S Breeder breeds dogs for conformation (Dog Shows) and exhibits dogs

The breeders below sell pedigree purebreds that are issued with certified pedigree certificates from the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). There are two types of registration: Main Registration & Limited Registration

Zenchel profile pic


Zenchel Labrador Retrievers

Zenchel is owned and run by Sylvia Power who has bred, shown, trained, trialed and loved Labrador Retrievers for over three decades.

Please note: we do not have any puppies available at the moment

Reveirter profile picCERFA

Reveirter Labradors

We are a small kennel breeding for temperament and working ability.

Our dogs are primarily involved in retrieving trials and hunting but are just as happy to relax at home with our family.

Please note: we do not have any puppies available at the moment

Jodielassie profile picEPFAC

Jodielassie Labradors

Diane is a breeder from the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We do a dog sport called flyball and Obedience trailing and Rally Obedience.

Only one of our girls is still breeding which is a chocolate girl Mocha. A girl with lots of character.

Now that Amber is finished with breeding, she is now a certified Delta Therapy Dog.

Expression of interest for a future litter is being accepted.


Oaysis Labradors

Set on 20 acres between Geelong and Barwon Heads and with the Barwon River in our backyard, Oaysis provides the perfect environment for our Labradors to thrive.
Bred for temperament, soundness and type.
Our dogs are socialised with children from birth.
Our aim is to breed firstly for quality and not quantity.
All breeding dogs are hip/elbow and eye tested.

Visit our Facebook page

Please note: we do not have any puppies available at the moment

Papoulab profile picF


Please note: we do not have any puppies available at the moment

Swampy & KitaRPF

Beereegan Labrador Retrievers

Mark and I have been breeding Labradors for thirty two years, consistently producing dogs with type, temperament and working ability. It is our hobby and our passion.

Producing multi-purpose Labradors with natural hunting ability and retrieving drive is what we strive for but just as importantly possessing that wonderful Labrador nature, suitable for companion homes and working homes alike.

Our endeavor is to breed Labradors that meet the breed standard, he should be handsome, intelligent and capable of a full day’s work in the field.

Please note:  accepting expression of interest

Grace & Honey 2020FE

Tinsletown Labradors 

I have been breeding Labrador Retrievers since 2008; I am situated by the beach in beautiful Torquay, Victoria.

As a Dogs Victoria registered breeder & a lifelong lover of Labradors, I strive for well-rounded sound dogs, who have the potential to become excellent show dogs, breeders, service dogs, companion dogs and loyal pets.

My Labs live a happy healthy life with me in my home by the ocean, it is a very loving environment and I consider them as part of my family. All my puppies are brought into this world with the maximum amount of love and care that I can give them.

All my Labradors are screened and tested before breeding and all bloodlines are researched and selected for optimal success in the quest to always strive to improve on the Labrador Retriever breed standard.

Contact: Michelle Jones      Mobile: 0429 237 688      e-mail:

Instagram      Facebook

Please note: we do not have any puppies available at the moment

Catraz choc labsFS

Catraz Labradors

Catraz Labradors are bred in a country setting with a strong emphasis on temperament, soundness and conformation.

Each litter is carefully planned to achieve the best possible results striving to improve the lines, regardless of colour.

Visit our Facebook Page

Please note: we do not have any puppies available at the moment

Bellbidgee profileFAS

Bellbidgee Labradors

Bellbidgee Labradors has been breeding since 2011, with the purpose pf producing beautiful, sound, & healthy Labrador Retrievers with great temperaments.

Regularly competing in conformation shows, dogs are raised in the country and are a part of the family, and everyday life.

At Bellbidgee Labradors, each breeding is planned in detail with every effort taken to maintain and improve quality bloodlines.

Visit our Facebook Page

Rodorbal Header


We are a small family kennel based at Macarthur in southwest Victoria. We brought our first Labrador in 1977 who happened to be a pedigree puppy and were instantly hooked and bred our first litter in 1978. We initially started using our dogs very much as gundogs (until early 2000s) as my husband and sons were keen shooters and then began to dabble with showing. Our dogs have also been used in the Seeing Eye Dogs breeding program and Dogs for Disability.
Our dogs have always been a huge part of our family, and share time in the house with us and the "house pets" who live inside. We couldn't imagine life without our beautiful dogs hogging the couch and our beds and having fun at the beach or local rivers where we fish.
We pride ourselves in producing sound puppies with exceptional temperaments and put a large amount of time into rearing our puppies to ensure the puppies have been socialised for a good start in their life. Our grandchildren are constant visitors and as such demonstrate the fabulous temperaments our dogs have. Getting in the front door is often difficult with the four legged welcome and wagging tails!


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Seafaeries has been showing and breeding top quality specialty winning Labrador Retrievers for nearly 40 years. Currently located in the picturesque fishing village of Port Fairy on the southwest coast of Victoria.

 All of my breeding stock is certified for joint soundness, eyes are checked annually by a board certified ophthalmologist, we also test for TVD and all currently available genetic tests.

Puppies will be available this summer.


Tamudly Labradors

I am a small family kennel based in Melbourne's outer west. My dogs are a huge part of my family and live inside with myself, partner and two kids.

We attend weekly obedience classes with Ballarat Dog Obedience Club and the occasional dog show (with the current situation, I haven't been able to attend as many as I would've liked to).

I pride myself in producing sound puppies with exceptional temperaments and put a large amount of time into rearing and socialising puppies to ensure the very best start of life. My kids play a huge role in helping with the puppies.

All my dogs are hip & elbow score, have full DNA profiles, eye clearances and dentition reports so that I have the beset confidene my puppies will grow to be healthy and sound.

See my profile on Dogzonline.

Stud Dog Register

The stud dogs listed in this section are owned by current Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria members. The owners of these stud dogs have been financial members of the Club for at least two years, attended the breeder forum, paid the annual stud dog listing fee and submitted copies of the dogs' health test results

Click on the tab to view each stud dog profile. Each dog will have information on their hip and elbow scores, DNA tests and any other health screening. 

Minimum requirements for owners of bitches seeking stud dog service:

  • the bitch must be a pedigree purebred on Main Registration 

  • must be at least 18 months of age (ANKC Regulations Part 6 The Register & Registration - 8.12.2)

  • have obtained an ANKC CHEDS score from a panel radiologist

  • stud dog owners will require evidence of the results of the recommended health tests and a copy of the pedigree certificate 

Read more about Litter Registration Limitations 

All breeders registered with Dogs Victoria must abide by the Code of Practice (CoP) 

Mac head frontMac new


Catraz Start Spreadin the News (AI)


Sire: GER JR CH INT CH POL CH SE CH VDH CH Dolbia Will to Please (Imp POL)

Dam: CH Catraz Bold and Brassy

Owner: Pam Gregg

Mobile: 0421 531 177   E-mail:

Hips: 1:3    Elbows: 0:0

PRA-prcd: clear, EIC: clear

Coat colour: Chocolate (EEbb)

Eye test: normal 


Zenchel Weather The Storm


Sire: Zenchel Stormy Weather (AI)

Dam: CH Zenchel The Yokes On U

Owner: Sylvia Power   E-mail:

Hips: 1:1   Elbows: 0:0

PRA-prcd: clear, EIC: carrier, HNPK: clear 

Coat colour: Black carrying yellow and chocolate (EeBb)

ACES Eye Certificate: Normal 14/9/2022

Cardiac: clear doppler ultrasound (Dr R Woolley)


Zenchel Watch Carefully Lewis (AI)


Sire: GER JR CH INT CH POL CH SE CH VDH CH Dolbia Will to Please (POL)

Dam: Zenchel Zaida

Owner: Sylvia Power   E-mail:

Hips: 2:2   Elbows: 0:0

PRA-prcd: clear, EIC: clear, HNPK: carrier 

Coat colour: Black carrying chocolate, not yellow (EEBb)

ACES Eye Certificate: Normal

Darby 2022 small

Grand Champion Kelindebar English Oak


Sire: Supreme CH Blackboy Storm in A Teacup (AI)

Dam: Grand CH Kelindebar Aussie Dream

Owner: Linda Adams      e-mail:

PRA: clear, EIC: clear, HNPK: clear

HIPS 2:2, ELBOWS 0:1

Yellow (Does Not Carry Chocolate)

ACES Eye Certificate - Normal 01/02/2022


Darryl new 2022 - close up

CH Kelindebar Rocky Road (AI)


Sire:  Am CH Mex CH Maroma’s Captain Cove

Dam: CH Kelindebar Madison Avenue

Owner: Linda Adams      e-mail:

PRA: clear, EIC: carrier, HNPK: clear

HIPS 2:1, ELBOWS 0:0

Black caryying Yellow (Does not carry Chocolate)

ACES Eye Certificate: Normal 01/02/2022


Aralyen Surfs Up From Tampabay (AI)


Sire: UK SH CH, CAN CH, AM GCHS Tampa Bay & Snobo Gusty Seas Batten Down The Hatch RN

Dam: Aralyen From Paris With Love

Owner: Megan Purtill      e-mail:

PRA: clear, EIC: clear, HNPK: clear

HIPS 1:4, ELBOWS 0:0

Yellow (Does Not Carry Chocolate)

ACES Eye Certificate: Normal 28/4/2022

Rodorbal Stormur


Sire:  Zenchel Weather the Storm

Dam: Sybeck Enchantress

Owner: Mrs Linda Malseed      e-mail:

Mobile: 0427 836 427

PRA: clear, EIC: clear, HNPK: clear

HIPS 2:6, ELBOWS 0:0

Black carrying Yellow and Chocolate

ACES Eye Certificate: Normal 14/10/2022

Other Directories

It is recommended that buyers refer to guides above before contacting breeders

  • Dogzonline (please note that not all Labrador breeders listed in Dogzonline are members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria)
  • Dogs Victoria directory (please note that not all Labrador breeders listed in Dogs Victoria website are members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria)

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