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The Story of Jack Montasell

Jack Montasell picJack Montasell’s commitment to judging and competing in Retrieving Trials and Spaniel & Retriever Field Trials commenced practically the day he purchased his first Labrador Retriever, ‘Stapleton Jinks’ in 1960. ‘Jinks’ was to become his first Field Trial Champion and first Retrieving Trial Champion. His success as a handler is justified by his achievements in obtaining six Retrieving Trial Champions and seven Field Trial Champions with the nine Labrador Retrievers he owned, all of which have gained one or more titles, proving his success as a handler.

For forty-five (45) years he served as a Committee Member of the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria Inc. He has served as President of the Club and Vice President, retiring from Committee in 2007. He had been honoured with Life Membership of that Club and was also a Life Member of the Victorian Gundog Club Inc. and the Victorian Canine Association Inc. He was Patron of the Victorian Gundog Club Inc and also the Central Highlands Working Gundog Club Inc.

In 2000, he became a foundation Member of the Australian National Kennel Council Field and Retrieving Trial Hall of Fame.

In 1962, Jack competed in his first Retrieving Trial and first Field Trial for Spaniel & Retrievers. It would be correct to say that from that year he has competed in almost all the trials held in Victoria for which his dogs were qualified. He has also competed in other States of Australia.

In 1966, Jack gained his licence to judge Retrieving trials and Field trials for Spaniels and Retrievers. Since that time, he had judged in excess of two hundred and seventy eight (278) Field trials, Retrieving trials and Water Tests.

This number included five state Championships, and the first National Field Trial Championship for Spaniels and Retrievers, nine (9) State Championships and three (3) National Championships for Retrieving Trials. He judged Field Trails in three (3) states and Retrieving Trials in all States of Australia with the exception of the Northern Territory.

In 1969 Jack was invited to join the then KCC (now called Victorian Canine Association/Dogs Victoria) Field Trial Advisory Committee. This Committee is now known as the Retrieving and Field Trial Committee (RAFT). Jack served close to twenty-eight (28) years on this Committee and retired in 2005.

Jack has pursued the sport of hunting in the field and swamp for over sixty-three (63) years and the last forty six (46) years of which have been in the company of his Labrador Retrievers. All have been yellow bitches.

Jack successfully titled 5 to both Field and Retrieving Trial championships, FT CH RT CH Stapleton Jinks (Jinks), FT CH RT CH Kenlab Sandra CM (Sandra), FT CH RT CH Tabticara Tessa (Tessa), FT CH RT CH Kadnook Jades Joy (Joy) and FT CH RT CH Kadnook Trish CM (Trish), along with FT CH Jinksdale Sylvia (Sylvia) who was also bred by Jack, FT CH Kadnook Jinker NRD (Jinker) and RT CH Kadnook Rusty Nails (Rusty) and Kadnook Rosies Magic RRD (Rosie) and had Rusty’s daughter, Kadnook Rustys Lass (Lass).

Jack’s love of Gundogs and their working ability in the field and swamp is surpassed only by his ability to find a suitable tree to prop his extension ladder against, so that he can see every aspect of the competing dogs whilst judging Retrieving Trials.

Jack managed and assisted in the organisation and running of both Field and Retrieving Trials He also assisted and tested aspiring judges (Field and Retrieving) during their training and upgrading. He had, for many years, contributed to the revision of rules and their upgrading for both Field and Retrieving Trials for the betterment of both disciplines. He had been associated with Gundog Working Tests and had competed and judged this discipline of gundog work.

Jack had an archival library of Spaniel and Retriever Field Trial and Retrieving Trial catalogues that constituted much of the history of both these Gundog disciplines in Victoria. It also flowed over to cover much of the history of National Retrieving Trial Championships Australia wide and many other interesting odds and ends.

Note: The Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria acknowledges the unique contribution Jack has made to the LRCV and on behalf of all Triallers, thank him for his unstinting commitment to the running of all LRCV Trials over so many years.