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2018 Championship Show Critiques

By LRCV Secretary & Publicity Officer

Breed & Specialty Classes Judge – Caron Ellis (TAS)



I have been involved with Labrador Retrievers all of my life, and my prefix BRADORLA was initiated by my mother approx. 50 years ago.  I love our breed as they are true all-rounders making beautiful family companions, working and assistance dogs and can be trained to be accomplished in most areas.

We have been successful competing in conformation competitions over these years, and also have enjoyed others earning obedience titles and other disciplines with our dogs. Bradorla Labradors have achieved great success, winning multiple BIS and BISS awards in many states with many owners.  Our dogs have competed consistently at Best in Group & Best in Show levels around Australia.

For the past 3 years we have been Australia's number 1 breeder in Labrador Retrievers and gundog breeder for 2 of those, as per DOL pointscore*

I enjoy judging our breed, and have judged Labrador specialty shows in Queensland, Western Australia and Gundog specialties in New Zealand and New South Wales prior to this appointment.

I wish the club a successful day and look forward to judging your dogs.

Best wishes,
Caron Ellis


  1. Sybeck Storm Ryder – Black 4 months of age, pleasing head with dark eye of correct shape. Correct coat, good forequarter angulation, quite well balanced overall & moved well.
  2. Jayeffe Dreamchaser (AI) – Yellow 4 months, compact, cobby and of overall good type. Lost topline slightly at times, preferred head of 1. Moved well.
  3. Trewintree Dexter Joy – Black of just 3 months, pleasing shape and balance, good topline, moved well.


  1. Kelindebar English Oak – Yellow of overall good balance, good length of neck and correct lay of shoulder. Made a nice outline standing. Would prefer more strength through the hindquarters. Head needs to develop.


  1. Morndew The Spy Who Loved Me - Nicely balanced black of good type. Head well balanced in skull & muzzle, would prefer less fill in the cheeks, head planes correct. Good length of neck into well angled shoulder, compact and moved well.


  1. Sybeck Sculpture of Stone (AI) - Yellow with pleasing head, dark eye and good pigment. Good length of neck, would prefer more length in upper arm and better lay of shoulder. Correct level topline in moving and standing, correct hindquarters with well- turned stifle and good depth through the second thigh. Correct coat and tail. Moved well, carried tail high at times.
  2. Clemitylab Black Magic – Black of pleasing type, correct coat and tail. Head acceptable, but eye colour a little light for me. Well- made forequarters with well laid shoulders, topline level. Compact dog with correct coat & tail. Moved soundly.
  3. Kelindebar Kinsman (AI) - Black male often presenting a good outline when standing. Good coat of correct texture. Up on size. Will take time to mature.


  1. CH Bucklee Too Hot to Handle – Yellow male of excellent balance and outline, good length of leg. Correct short, straight, dense coat giving harsh feel to the touch. Forequarters reasonably well laid, topline level, excellent tailset and carriage. Well- developed hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Correct free movement, showing reach & drive. Head masculine, correct balance and head planes. (DCC & Intermediate in Show) 
  2. Morndew The Deal Breaker – Yellow male of good type. Well made with correct angulation front & rear. Correct double coat and tail very good. A very compact & short coupled dog who moved well with reach & drive. Would prefer more length of leg, and slightly more scope. Head of correct proportions and balance.
  3. Zenchel With Gusto (AI) – Black male with a pleasing outline when standing. Pleasing head with dark eyes exhibiting a kind expression. Well laid forequarters, level topline and tail well set. Would prefer shorter coupling and better balance height to length.


  1. GR CH Laskelsa Special Request – Yellow male of good type and balance. Head is good with dark well pigmented eyes showing kind expression and overall well modelled. Prefer less fill in cheeks. Correct dense coat and harsh to the touch, short coupled and moved well with good reach and drive.
  2. CH Kelindebar Masters Apprentice – Black male of good type, pleasing length of neck, with well laid shoulders. Good hindquarters showing correct turn of stifle. Correct coat. Preferred balance and length of leg of 1.
  3. CH Cambewarra Spending Up – Yellow of good balance and correct length of leg. Head showing a correct shaped eye with kind expression. This dog moved very well with good reach & drive.


  1. CH Sybeck Philosophers Stone (AI) – Black of good size and balance. Pleasing head with dark eye and soft, kind expression. Prefer less fill in cheeks. Pleasing outline, correct short, dense coat with harsh feel to the touch. Tail correct and coated well. Moved with reach and drive. (RDCC)
  2. CH Morndew Game Chaser – Black of very good type, very compact, good substance, moved very well with reach & drive. Presented in excellent coat & correct tail. Would prefer a little more size & scope. Ear set too high attributing to a slightly harder expression.
  3. Laskelsa Wild Fire (AI) – Yellow dog of pleasing proportions and type. Well balanced head with kind expression. Moved well, carrying a little too much weight today.



  1. Jayeffe Destined to Dream (AI) – Yellow of 4 months. Pleasing head, with soft, kind expression. Lovely pigmentation. Correct dense, short coat and harsh texture. Tail correct shape and well coated. Nicely balanced puppy with pleasing outline. (Baby Puppy In Show)
  2. Stormdyncer Cash in the Bank – Black presenting lovely outline and correct balance. Very showy girl, who moved out very well for age. I preferred length of leg on 1.
  3. Trewintree Maggie Mae – Black of 3 months, good bone, pleasing type and moved well. Would like to see more length of leg.


  1. Zenchel Zaida – Black with pleasing head, and dark eyes with kind expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Made a nice picture on the stack, would prefer her to be more compact. (Minor Puppy in Show)
  2. Sybeck Something Magical – Yellow of good balance who moved well.
  3. Coningsburgh Pearl of Wisdom – Black of pleasing outline, well made with correct coat & tail. Preferred heads of 1 &2.


  1. Morndew Diamonds are Forever – Black of excellent type. Pleasing head showing good proportions and kind correctly shaped eye. Forequarters correctly laid with good prosternum, well sprung ribs and hindquarters well turned and deep through the second thigh. Excellent dense coat of correct length & texture, tail correct otter shape and well coated. Moved well. (RBCC, RU Best in Show, Puppy¿ in Show)
  2. Bellbidgee Shimmer of Light – Yellow of pleasing type and good bone. Good head with dark eye and kind expression. Correct coat & tail. Would prefer her better in front.
  3. Bellbidgee All that Glimmers – Yellow of good type, pleasant head, needs a little more length of leg. Preferred balance of 1 & 2.


  1. Sybeck Ice By Design (AI) – Yellow of much quality, lovely overall balance, topline and excellent mover. Correct coat. Very good otter shaped tail well coated. Kind expression. Forequarters lacking in upper arm and too straight. Hindquarters are excellent with correct turn of stifle, low set hocks and depth through second thigh. (Junior in Show) 
  2. Sybeck Art By Design (AI) – Yellow of lovely type and balance. Good length of leg, well laid shoulders, level topline, pleasing head & expression. Correct coat & tail. Moved well. 
  3. Sybeck Wish upon a Star – Good moving yellow, correct coat and tail. Lovely eye & expression. 


  1. CH Kelindebar Special Power – Yellow with a pleasing feminine head and expression, good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Level topline, well sprung ribs, well developed hindquarters with correct turn of stifle. Shown in reasonable coat, appeared a bit out. Moved well.
  2. CH Morndew Jaide (AI) – Good type yellow with pleasing head and expression. Not quite the lay of shoulder of 1. Correct dense coat and harsh topcoat. Overall good quality, nice profile, well balanced and moved very well.
  3. Sohalispirit Kodie Bear – Chocolate showing lovely substance and bone. Very correct dense coat of correct texture, exceptionally good otter tail knitted underneath. Moved soundly and presented a good outline. Prefer more feminine head, and softer expression.


  1. CH Sybeck Spirit of Fashion – Yellow who immediately impressed when first came in. Correct head showing good chiselling and proportions, eye shape correct giving kind, alert expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Overall good balance, level topline, carrying excellent dense, short coat of correct texture. Good otter tail, coated and carried well. Moved with great reach and drive, straight & true front & rear. (BCC, BEST IN SHOW, Australian Bred In Show)
  2. CH Bonnsway Once Upon a Star - Well balanced yellow, feminine with pleasing head and kind expression. Correct through forequarter, level topline and short coupled. Bit out of coat today.
  3. Driftway Ultimate Player (AI) – Yellow of pleasing type, kind eye with good pigmentation. Correct short dense, harsh coat, good tail and moved well. Would prefer more leg under her.


  1. Morndew Grace & Favour – Yellow of good type and balance. Compact with excellent short, dense coat of correct texture. Tail correct otter shape well coated. Forequarters well laid and good hindquarters. Would prefer better ear set – too high which alters expression. Moved well. (Open in Show)
  2. CH Kelindebar Black Magic – Typey black, presented in good coat, correct tail. Pleasant head and expression, moved well, preferred the compactness of 1.
  3. Zenchel To Pemberlee – Well modelled and balanced head exhibiting a kind expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Prefer less length, and lost topline slightly on move.


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