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2017 RATG and Beginners Test

By LRCV Secretary & Publicity Officer
On Sunday 25June 2017, the Club held its annual RATG at the 4 x 4 Training Centre in Werribee, located on the Werribee river. This year we also included a Beginners Test. The weather was cool with a light breeze and no rain, perfect weather for dog trialling, even if the competitors felt a bit cold! We were again spoiled by our hosts the Emmins-Ferguson family with their great facilities and abundance of food and drink to keep us warm.

Our judges for the day were Mr Barry Kavanagh (Novice), Mr Rod Watt (Open) and Mrs Helen Pownall (Beginners). Many thanks to them and to Angie Bloomer, Bill Allen, Helen Bourke, Leanne Tormey and the various competitors who helped out during the day by going on the throwers when required.
Novice Open Beginners

RATG and Beginners Trial
Novice (B Kavanagh)
  • 1st S. Emond’s Samira Slim Jim (title) - 82pts
  • 2nd D Ferguson's Beereegan McDougal - 78 pts
  • 3rd M Ashman's Coningsburgh Magical Diva CDX RE (title) - 77 pts

Congratulations to Shane and Maude on their third qualifying passes which gives them their NRA title.

Open (R Watt)

  • 1st L O'Sullivan's Elloesse Bold As Brass AARD - 89 pts
  • 2nd D Ferguson's Barridene Iron Axel NRA - 83 pts
  • 3rd N Jordan's T Ch TS Gr CH Aussielab Melody Maker CDX RM NRD ORA - 75 pts
Beginners (H Pownall)
  • 1st L O'Sullivan's Kadnook Sassy Lass - 125 pts
  • 2nd A McKenzie's Beereegan Dark Knight - 109 pts
  • 3rd M Ashman's Coningsburgh Magical Diva CDX RE - 77pts
  • 4th  M. Howard’s Killara Special Agent RN NRA - 65 pts

Thanks to our wonderful property owners, Deb and Dave, our judges and all the competitors, hope you all had a great day.

Below is the trophy table and the Club would like to thank to our wonderful sponsors Royal Canin for the dog food.

RT and BeginnersTrophy Table

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